Q1. Who killed the King Raminas?

Gabranth did.

〞〞 On the Pharos, Gabranth

Why do you hesitate? Take what is yours. The Cryst is a blade. It was meant for you. Wield it! Avenge your father! Yes, it was I who wore Basch*s face 每 who cut down the Life of Dalmasca. Lady Ashe! Your father*s murderer is here!

Q2. Ashe - Don*t interrupt me, Vaan!

Metaphrasing the dialog in Japanese Version, it means ※Don*t call me &YOU*, please.§ These words Appeared several times in Japanese Version, when Vaan the uneducated Ratsbane call the princess in an offensive way. That*s made a large number of users unpleasant when the game released in Japan. Maybe that*s the reason they changed the actor*s lines in the overseas versions. The original intention of creators was to give different meanings of same words through the different condition, voice, expression and etc. for a recondite development of character.

In the beginning of the story, there was a princess who could not forget her responsibility to recover the Kingdom, therefore Ashe showed excessive reaction when Vaan call her ※YOU§.

But in the end of the Story - on the top of the Pharos, when Ashe said the same words to Vaan in a soft voice, we saw another princess who had decided to put the hatred down for the future of Dalmasca.

Q3. Why only Ashe and Vaan could see the illusion of Rasler?

Illusion of Rasler is a sympol reflects the haunting past in Ashe*s mind. What Vaan saw maybe just his dead brother - Reks. The Nethicite desorbs Mist to take shape of what people could not forget, to confuse the one who desire of the power to revenge. That*s the most important relationship between Ashe and Vaan which showed their similar situation inside.

At least two other scenes to hint the mysterious relationship between Ashe and Vaan, one is when they ran away from Leviathan and turn back to Rabanastre, Ashe saw Rasler*s illusion again in her &dream*, but the illusion soon turn into Vaan.

The same things happened again when they stayed in the Jahara 每 the land of Garif at night.

〞〞 Jahara, Uball-ka

It is often those who desire nethicite whom the nethicite itself desires.

〞〞 Jahara, Vaan

Maybe the person I saw was my brother.

〞〞 Pharos, Reddas

Illusions of the past - You think to have cast them off, only to find them years later, unwearying, unrelenthing. The past can bind a man as surely as irons.

Q4. Does Baltheir and Fran still alive in the end of the story?

Of Course, You can see them in another game 每 Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings.
There is also a hint in the end of the story, when Strahl was stolen, the ring of Rasler turn back to the Queen. Because when Balthier took it away he said ※I*ll give it back to you. As soon as I find something more valuable.§

Although, this plot still have another important hint gives the story a crafty conclusion.

Q5. Does ※Kiss me good-bye§ have anything to do with the storyline?

There is two versions of this song in different instrumentation. One is the English version appears in the end of the story, which is softly and hopeful. The Japanese Version is only collected in Angela Aki*s album in a sorrow but strong feeling. The music video of Kiss me good-bye (Japanese version) has even more information to show - After the rain (it*s a symbol of tears), many of wilted Galbana Lilies bloom. That sense expressed the main ideal of this story.

Q6. Why choose the image of Gabranth in logo?

Gabranth always in a heavy Judge*s armor also ties himself up into the past and hatred. He*s the best image opposite the main theme of this story - ※Freedom§. In the other hand, this image matches the serious topic of the story well, although it has an idealist ending.

Q7. Who is the leading man?

Ashe, Vaan and Balthier who changed their mind and found the real Freedom through the trip are the leading roles in this story.
Vaan is much more like a leading man than Balthier, because he is the closest one to the leading woman 每 Ashe.

Ashe is the most described role in this story. And Vaan, who is also confused by the past play a very important role in Ashe*s changing. Even on the top of the Pharos, when Gabranth provoked Ashe to revenge, it is Vaan who helped Ashe to find her answer.

There isn*t love between leading man and woman in this story, the relationship between these two define as the same problem they faced. Finally they help each other and find the real Freedom.

Q8. Who killed the King Gramis?

Through the persuasion of Vayne, Gramis killed himself to protect the Solidor Family from the Senate.

There is another possibility, Gramis refused Vayne*s advice then killed by his own son.

The dialog between Gramis and Vayne just before this incident maybe shows more clues.

That's one of the facts creators want users to judged themselves.

Q9. How about the other Occurians when the story finished?

Occurian use Nethicite to enchant the man in hatred to be the saint. The one is chosen straighten history*s weave as the will of Occurian. In this way, Occurian put history of human in their hands. After the Sun-cryst broken, no stone can be used to enchant human anymore. Occurain without Nethicite can do nothing to the real world.

But there is still more messages left. The one who desire wars and revenges always be a man, never be the god, never be the weapon itself. Although the Sun-cryst is broken, there is still another weapon can be used. In the end, Ashe finally know the one who took the Freedom away is just herself. She should brake the cryst by herself, no matter Occurians live or dead.

Q10. Most plotted scenes in story?

Scenes below are worthy to watch again and again. You can always find more meanings than the last time you saw - that's the way of Final Fantasy XII.

First is the plot on the top of the Pharos. People sought Freedom in different meanings and the people couldn*t free from the past crashed each other.

Secondly is the ending movie, when Rasler's ring back.

Lastly is the opening movie. The Tragedies of Dalmasca is described though the compare between the white pigeon and the black crow, just like what Ashe wore before and after. The pigeons fly with the hope. The crows fly around the dead. The story began in strong contrast and plotted compactly which show how people lost their Freedom and bound by the past.

Q11. Most complicated characters?

Ashe the princess, who was betrayed by Vossler once, never told her vexation to other. When she found Vaan has changed, she is the only one still trouble with the illusion. She doubted herself first time.

Gabranth the Judge - who hates his brother also hates himself. After their country invaded by the Empire, Gabranth and their sick mother moved to the Imperial City of Achades. Then he became a Judge worked for the Empire destroyed his home-country. That*s why Gabranth can not forgive himself. His self-accusation gradually became the hatred to his brother who chose another way after their home-country was invaded. Basch felt no regret for his decision to another country, and then quickly became a general with loyalty and won the trust of Dalmascan. That*s the reason Gabranth seemed so angry 每 only himself trapped by the past in a deeply self- accusation. That*s also the reason why Gabranth became angry and failed in his duty when he saw Ashe on the top of the Pharos. He could not accepted one who left the past behind that he never could.

Besides the ambition to conquest the world, Vayne Solidor doted his younger brother a lot. Maybe he just wanted to find back the innocence he lost when he was young. ?Following the order of Gramis Vayne killed two of his brother when he was 16. ?Therefore he became the sword of House Solidor stained with blood, dirty his hands to kept Larsa's clean. Besides, Vayne mentioned Dr. Cid several times in the Bahamut, it showed the strong relationship between these two men. All these things made this character more than a dictator.

Q12. Is there any plot bases on mythology in this story?

1. Achilles* heel - The way of Rasler*s dead
When Rasler fallen into the hatred of his father*s death and lost his mind, an arrow hit his heart and took away his young life. There is a skill named &Achilles* *in FF12 which could give a weak point to the enemy at random. Not only Rasler was given the weak point named &hatred* in his heart, but also Ashe even Vaan 每 that*s a prophecy in the beginning of the story.

2. The tragedy of Prometheus 每 Venat
In this story Venat seems to be the friend of human 每 Prometheus who stole fire (Nethicite) from Zeus (other Occurians) and gave it to human. Occurians were so annoyed, decided to punish Venat just like what Zeus did. They are the prophets who gave us their knowledge and suffered in the same time 每 people with talent and universal love always in such a tragedy.

Q13. Does this story have anything to do with the real world problems?

That*s maybe the reason forced FF12 in the state of obscurity.

  1. We should kiss whom then say good-bye?
    Maybe influenced by the Arabian style which Rabanastre looked like, users from North America noted the story point to the war in Iraq or Afghanistan, but Japanese tend to believe that*s a story about Nippon after the World War 2. As a Chinese, it made me associated the massacre took place in NanJing and then the problems around the Yasukuni Shrine. ?
  2. The relationship between technology and war.
    Just like the relationship between Dr. Cid and Vayne Solidor. Cid invented weapons and Vayne supplied the funds and test field. They depend on each other to develop. Manufacted Nethicite seems to be the technology (more like a nuclear weapon) human control to break the fate in god*s hands. While Manufacted Nethicite can be used to drive an Airship cross the Jagd area, science and technology could do more. The fire which Prometheus stole from the god could use to lit the darkness also could burn down the house. Technology is a double-edged sword in our hand, we could hardly to say love or not.
  3. How to define a developed country?
    It is interest when the story portrayed the capital of the Empire as an message-hand-round city. In the mini game, Vaan should pass on the message to the one who needed then upgrade his social status. The rich and powerful of the Empire depends on the use of Manufacted Nethicite also depends on the information spread system- that*s the way the Empire developed.
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